Drainmaster Stormwater Pit

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*offer expires Thursday 30th April 2020

The Guzzla Products Drainmaster stormwater pit is a quick and simple install, simply cut pipe to height and PVC solvent cement the Drainmaster into position. The Drainmaster also connects to just about any pipe or fitting. (see specs below)


The Guzzla Products Drainmaster’s grate is designed with maximum water drainage in mind, while still maintaining superior strength. The Drainmaster grate is 15mm thick and is supported in the pit body at 12 points allowing the Drainmaster to easily cope with pedestrian traffic.

The Guzzla Products Drainmaster was designed to overcome difficulties Plumbers, Drainers and Landscapers experience when trying to achieve a satisfactory finish height when installing stormwater pits.

DM Drawing2.PNG


  • 225 x 225

  • finish height as low as 55mm

Connects to

  • 90mm stormwater

  • 100mm DWV

  • Stormflex pipe

  • Ag pipe

  • 90mm stormwater fittings

  • 90mm S/W fitting