Civil/Strip Drain Fittings

This fitting provides the ability to exit water from your panel

drain at several points along the drain length. As shown in the diagram,

in the upside down position it will provide for horizontal

flushout connection points along the drain lengths as well. 

Often designers will set out a drain with flushout

points every fifty metres.


To Assemble:


Step 1. Remove caps.

Step 2. Screw fit Agcoil in hole.

Step 3. Slide in panel drain and recap.


This fitting is used to provide vertical flushout connection.


To Assemble: Remove coupling at top and fit panel drain.


To Connect Agcoil Coupling: Deform the first two corrugations of the Agcoil 

inwards with your thumbs, then insert the first deformed corrugation into the

couplings top end, now reform those corrugations. Now fit the coupling to the 

fitting. This fitting with a plain top cap can be used as a joiner for panel drain. 


Connects strip drain to Agy pipe at 90º for outlets where

spraycrete walls cover tunnels and road cutting walls. Perfect for

when stormwater needs to be exited to an outlet 

from strip drain.


The Cap & Coupling is designed to provide easy access to pipes at ground level for flushing with a hose to remove sediment and check drains are clear.

It can be attached to either 100mm Agy pipe or 100mm Stormflex pipe.


Used as a flushout point for strip drain and Agy pipe.

Easy push on to sized step and tape onto dowel.

Suits sizes 24mm, 27mm, 33mm and 36mm expansion dowels


This fitting can be used to protect your drain from blockages

which frequently occur where pipe exit points are left open

to toads, snakes, frogs and rodents. 

Suits 100 DWV, 100 Agy Pipe and Stormflex pipe.