Plumbing/Drainage Fittings

The In Pipe Finishing Collar suits 100mm DWV.

Designed to fit existing pipes for easy repairs to damaged ORG openings.


The Guzzla Poly Surround for our ORG finishing collar, light weight, tough 

and whipper snipper resistant.

The Tee makes the junctioning of Agricultural pipe quick and easy.


It can be used to junction pipe sizes such as 100mm Ag Pipe, 100mm 

Stormflex Pipe, and even 90mm PVC Pipe. When used with the Guzzla 

Blank / Reducer, it can even be used for junctioning 80mm Ag Pipe, 

65mm Ag Pipe, and 50mm Ag Pipe.


The Blank / Reducer is a product of ours that has been designed

for a couple of different uses, and like most of our other products

are also designed to make your work easier.


The two different uses for this product are:


Reduce any outlet on our Agy Tee to enable smaller

agy pipe to join into your 100mm agy pipe.


Or Blank any outlet of the Agy Tee to make it into a joiner or elbow.


The Twist Plug is designed to be used as a blank that sits tightly

in the corrugation at the end of your ag pipe or Stormflex pipe.


It is really easy to install. Simply place the slit in the side of the plug over 

the end edge of your pipe that you wish to blank, then twist the plug 

around until it slips snug into the end of your pipe.


The Twist Plug also comes in three different sizes, 65mm,

80mm and 100mm, to suit various agricultural pipes.


It keeps brickies mud out of your Stormflex downpipe connections.

Saves blockages and can be used time and time again.


This fitting can be used to protect your drain from blockages

which frequently occur where pipe exit points are left open

to toads, snakes, frogs and rodents. 

Suits 100 DWV, 100 Agy Pipe and Stormflex pipe.