Plumbing/Drainage Fittings

Step 1. Insert test plug

into I.O pipe socket

before gluing your first 

pipe section.

Step 2. Release test 

water by cutting here.

Step 3. To remove plug -

 punch large screwdriver

 through plug and lever.

The Disposable Test Plug is used for water testing 100mm pipework.

Place inside I.O.Pipe when you glue in the first upstream joint.

Use screwdriver to puncture test plug and pry out to remove.


Easy Joining to 90 stormwater pipe that has been cut or broken off at

slab level. No more chiselling concrete before you can join up again.


Joins inside pipe to outside pipe.


Can fit over 90mm pipe one end, or inside 90mm pipe the other end.


Suits - Above floor vermin proofing

Under floor to support pipe at penetrations

Features - Predrilled flange w/screw targets


The Bolted Trap Screw is designed for use in traffic areas,

they also fit inside existing broken BTS for easy repairs.


Available in White, Grey or with Stainless Steel Top.

The Guzzla 100mm Inpipe ORG finishing collar and grate in designed

to be fitted with a black high density polyethylene surround,

which is replaceable, tough, light weight and whipper

snipper resistant. And is supplied as a complete unit. 


The Loose Black Grate suits ORG collars.


It has been designed for quick and easy replacement of 

damaged or old grates in existing ORG collars.